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1.  What is the fee to join your club?
There is no initial membership fee. However, we do require a minimum committment of 4 shipments (1 year) with a 30 day notice in writing or email. A 50% administrative fee will be charge for early cancellation.

2.  When do wine club benefits begin?
Membership benefits begin after your first wine club shipment.

3. Why do you need an email address for my wine club membership?
The majority of our communication with the wine club members in via email. We have gone green with the recipes, tasting notes and other communications, all sent by email. Which is why it is important to keep a current email on file. 

4. How do I update my credit card, address, etc.?
You can update all of your information by logging into your account on our website. You can also call 707-427-1600 and talk to Roxanne.

5. What address should I use for shipping?
All wine club shipments and online purchases require an adult signature of someone 21 years or older at time of delivery. We do recommend your have your shipments sent to a business address if possible. Many apartment dwelling club members have their shipments sent to the Apartment Managers Office. Also, some use a local package and mail pick up office in their town.

6. How will I know when my club shipment is ready?
We will send you an email 7 -10 days before the shipment. You can then contact us to add more wine to your order, change the date of the shipment if you will not be there to receive, have that shipment changed to another address for that shipment, etc.

7. What if I am not available for my shipment?
The delivery company will make 3 attempts to deliver. You can call the local shipper and have them hold it and pick it up. Members are responsible for any charges occurred for re-direct or returned shipment.

8. What if I realize my shipment address has not been updated and my wine has shipped?
Contact us immediately at 707-427-1600 or If it is early enough we will do our best to redirect. Members are responsible for any charges incurred for redirect.

9. How do I change my club from 2 bottles to 4 bottles?
Log into your account in our website and make the change. We will update the change as soon as we receive it. Or call 707-427-1600 and talk to Roxanne.

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